Recent Projects/About me
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While working for ClearTech Solar it was my job to create 3D models of various solar technology prototypes ranging from new solar panel technology to energy storage devices. As the technology was being developed and the overall needed design changed I was tasked with keeping the renders up to date. Along with creating the product renders I was also tasked with creating animations for the product to show how it worked.

I have done work for Kairma as a independent contract particle affects artist, modeler, and animator. This job has been very benificial to my career and has helped greatly to boost my productivity and project manegment skills.

I have been a freelance artist on from January 2016 to  July 2016. I left the site as a level 2 seller having completed close to 100 individual projects. 

one of my first projects I did after graduating college was to create a 3D model of the American Motorcycle Associations Bronze statue. This model was used for their hall of fame exhibit remodel. I enjoyed creating the model for them very much and they were extremely happy with my work. You can view the model of their statue throughout my portfolio. 

My name is Matthew Bullock, and I have graduated from the Art Institute of Tucson with a bachelor’s degree in game design. I have been modeling in Maya for the past 6 years. I have had a passion for game design and modeling ever since I started learning it in high school. I have always been very motivated to learn new techniques and tricks in order to make my creations better and faster. I have the most fun modeling when I am building something that has a lot of parts and is a larger model. I am best at creating game assets and props. My previous experience was a 3 month internship with Rive Enterprises from October to December of 2014. The internship has led me to work as a cinamatic artist under contract with the company, where I built a game trailer from start to finish that will be used to form a Kickstarter. When I am not doing projects for a company I am working on a game of my own.